Hamersley Haulage & Earthmoving are a father and son duo located in Geraldton, providing services to the construction industry. SITECH WA installed a Trimble Earthworks 2D Laser System on their Caterpillar Track Loader, which has lead to remarkable transformations in their daily operations.

Blake shared that the 2D Earthworks system has helped tremendously in improving efficiencies in their operations. The system’s ability to accurately measure the exact amount of product required has greatly reduced the amount of product wastage, helping to reduce costs. The increase in precision and efficiency has also helped them save on manpower required and is allowing them to complete jobs in a much shorter time frame than they could previously.

Trimble’s 2D machine control systems are a reliable and budget friendly option, fantastic for beginners in machine control. The package chosen by Hamersley Haulage & Earthmoving includes a Touch Screen and Electronic Control Unit (ECU), meaning they have the flexibility to scale up to a 3D System if desired in the future.

The duo have used other 2D systems in the past, however decided to upgrade to Trimble Earthworks from SITECH WA as it had been recommended to them as the best system available.

For any enquiries on Hamersley Haulage & Earthmoving’s services, please find contact details below:

Hamersley Haulage & Earthmoving
Blake Hamersley
0458 261 283

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