Trimble Protected

Protect your investment

Trimble Protected

Trimble offers a standard factory warranty with all products. However, business owners are increasingly more concerned with growing expenses; adding additional coverage to your equipment like any of the available Trimble Protected Plans (TPP’s) is exactly what a business needs. These plans help you maintain fixed, yet scalable equipment maintenance and repair costs so you can stay productive; minimising your in-the-field downtime which ultimately increases your overall efficiency.

Trimble Protection Plans provide you with peace of mind that your investment is covered for years well beyond the factory warranty period. Hardware TPP’s cover the cost of replacement defective parts including labour while Software TPP’s allow you to access the latest software updates that are released during the TPP period. We have TPP’s to cover firmware updates with current releases or various combinations of all three TPP types.

TPP’s even include wear and tear that prevents a unit functioning, surges from Trimble power supplies, environmental damage and adjustments and calibrations with select plans.

It is most cost-effective to keep your TPP’s current. TPP’s can be renewed if coverage has lapsed but renewals of current plans can be provided at a much more cost-effective price.