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Height indication and control

XWTele and XWFork are part of a suite of safety products from Xwatch, that have been designed to couple clarity and simplicity with accuracy and  reliability while complying with all the current industry standards.

XWTele is specifically designed for telehandlers, XWFork for industrial and rough terrain forklift trucks.

Height limitation can be controlled using outputs for boom up and tele extend on telehandlers or forks up on forklift trucks.

A height limit can be either manually keyed in or set automatically by positioning the machine equipment at the required height. Set up is simple, quick, and can be protected with an optional access key switch. All settings are retained and will be active on start-up.

Height Control

All motions are individually monitored with the XW series of angle sensors and the canbus integrated reeling drum, which is available in 3m, 5m or 10m lengths.

A chassis sensor can be installed to correct for terrain slope and warn of maximum chassis angle. A system active beacon is available to indicate that height limitation is in use.

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