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Improve productivity and efficiency in underwater marine construction applications including dredging, crane operations, piling and hydrographic survey. Trimble Marine Construction software provides accurate 3D visualisation to assist the operator with underwater construction tasks.

Features & Benefits

  • Real-time visualization of the bucket/dredge head relative to the design in plan, profile (2D) or 3D improves productivity and reduces rework and over-dredge.
  • Large grid models (color bins) make it easier to visualize differences between actual and design.
  • Improve accuracy and speed with laser and sonar scans providing real-time updates on material placement or removal. Reduces the need for vessels to return back for rework.
  • Highly configurable to suit endless machine/vessel configurations.
  • Easy-to-create volume calculations and reports reduce the need for operators to request office processing.


  • Dredging
  • Placement
  • Hydrographic survey

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