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Cat Grade with 3D for dozers is a factory-integrated grade control system that helps you improve grading efficiency, accuracy and productivity. The system automates blade movements in both fine grading and production dozing applications, reducing manual operator inputs by as much as 80%.

Smart and Simple

  • Cat Slope Assist helps operators reach target slope fast by automatically maintaining the dozer blade’s established blade angles. Finish up to 39% faster, with up to 68% better surface quality and using up to 83 percent less operator effort
  • Cat Stable Blade monitors blade movement and automatically adjusts raise and lower, in concert with the operator, to achieve a smoother grade quicker and with less effort.
  • Cat Slope Indicate displays real-time cross slope and mainfall (fore/aft orientation) of the tractor, making it easier for operators to put the machine on a desired slope and maintain that grade throughout each pass. The operator interface varies slightly by tractor model, but it is always located right on the main machine display.

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