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From the smallest track-type to the largest, Cat Accugrade 2D for Dozers makes it easier for operators to be more profuctive and helps businesses make more money. Providing increased grading versatility and the ability to scale capacity to changing needs.

AccuGrade now utilises components of the Slope Assist system to provide an even higher level of grading performance than was previously achievable.


Productivity-enhancing 2D Accugrade systems are easy-to-use, scalable and configurable for just about any machine or job site.


Cross Slope
Accugrade Cross Slope is a grade control system designed to control surface cross slope. Machine mounted sensors are used to calculate necessary blade slope positioning to achieve desired cross slope of the surface. The system makes automatic adjustments to the left or right lift cylinder, typically performed by the operator. The in-cab display delivers all of the AccuGrade Cross Slope  information the operator needs to quickly and easily spread or cut material at the correct cross slope. The operator can select which side of the blade to control automatically and swap direction on the return pass without readjusting the settings. Elevation is controlled manually by matching grade, or automatically by adding an elevation control device.

The AccuGrade Laser Grade Control System is designed for a wide range of construction earthwork applications requiring tight tolerances and high production rates. Laser grade control is so accurate in fact, that in many cases these systems are required in project specifications or by general contractors in the construction industry. Field-proven and versatile, the dual laser system is ideal for fine grading of sites with flat, single or dual slope surfaces, such as industrial, commercial and residential building sites. 


AccuGrade® Sonic is a grade control system designed to control surface elevation. The sonic system uses an ultrasonic sensor to maintain the blade at the same relative vertical distance to an external reference, such as a string line or curb and gutter.

The system makes automatic elevation adjustments typically performed by the operator when in cross slope only control. The operator simply steers the machine to maintain the sensor over the external reference.

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