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Cat Grade for Graders

Cat Grade for graders allows contractors to realise the improved grading efficiency, accuracy and productivity of automated grading systems without the limitations associated with GPS masts.

Cat Grade for Dozers

Delivering real-time blade tip position and elevation guidance, it helps operators work more accurately and hit target grades faster in fewer passes.

Cat Grade for Excavators

Cat Grade for Excavators automates boom and stick movements for more accurate cuts with less effort. Simple operation, single-lever digging reduces manual inputs, errors & fatigue.

Cat AccuGrade 3D for Graders

By combining digital design data, in-cab operator guidance features, and automatic blade controls, Cat Accugrade 3D for Graders enhances grading accuracy and virtually eliminates the need to survey stakes.

Cat AccuGrade 3D for Dozers

Cat AccuGrade 3D for Dozers is a high technology machine control and guidance system that allows dozer operators to grade with increased accuracy, without the need for survey stakes.

CAT AccuGrade 3D for Excavators

Design information and live cut/fill indications are displayed in the cab, allowing excavation to be done in a safer environment with fewer stakes.

Cat AccuGrade 2D for Graders

An excellent first investment for contractors new to construction technology. 2D Grade Control gives you precise vertical guidance necessary to achieve tight tolerances and a smooth finished grade.

Cat AccuGrade 2D for Dozers

Cat Accugrade 2D for Dozers calculates blade adjustments necessary to achieve the desired grade and can automatically make elevation adjustments.

CAT AccuGrade 2D for Excavators

Ideal for earthmoving contractors looking to improve their excavation productivity and profitability. Easy to use, scalable and configurable to just about any machine and/or site.