GNSS Correction Sources

Your GNSS operations are only as good as your correction source, it’s important to choose the right one for your business.

Flexibility for Your Business

GNSS correction sources are available on-site in a variety of ways, depending on what you need for your jobsite. Choose to run a local base station on site, obtain corrections from a local VRS Now network service or even obtain corrections from the satellite delivered CenterPoint RTX correction service.

Correction Source Comparison

Use the technical specifications below to decide on the source that makes sense for your workflow and performance and precision requirements.

GNSS Correction Source SPS GNSS Precision Delivery Initialisation
Trimble GNSS RTK Base

H 0.8 cm (0.026’) + 1 ppm

V 1.5 cm (0.05’) + 1 ppm

UHF, WiFi, IBSS < 8 seconds

H 0.8 cm (0.026’) + 0.5 ppm

V 1.5 cm (0.05’) + 0.5 ppm

Internet < 8 seconds
CenterPoint RTX

H < 2 cm (0.066’)

V < 5 cm (0.16’)

Satellite, Internet

< 1 minute (Fast)

< 15 minutes (Standard)

MSK Beacon / DGNSS

H 30 cm (1’) + 1 ppm

V 50 cm (1.6’) + 1 ppm

300 kHz Beacon N/A

H 30 cm (1’) + 1 ppm

V 50 cm (1.6’) + 1 ppm


H < 50 cm (1.6’)

V < 85 cm (2.8’)

Satellite N/A

GNSS Correction Sources

If you are running a large operation with many machines, you will need a local GNSS base station (or a few) and if you are site surveying or doing reconnaissance you may opt for a high accuracy satellite delivered service such as CenterPoint RTX.

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