Freshfilter FF Multibox XS

The FFMultibox XS is the most used cab air quality system on excavators, wheel loaders and dumpers. The patented design makes it possible to extend the life of the dust filters to more than 4 times compared to conventional systems. The unit is controlled with a Freshfilter control systems.

Advantages of the FFMultibox XS:

  • The suction opening is more than 15 times larger than that of conventional units
  • The filters in the FFMultibox XS are self-cleaning
  • The service life of filters is more than 4 times longer compared to conventional systems
  • The FFMultibox XS has three filter detection sensors

The Freshfilter Multibox XS is supplied with filters in the size 600x336mm, with a filling height of 150mm. In the most common configuration there is a P1, P3 and 11 Kg active carbon filter.


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