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Water Corporation carries out maintenance to install fire breaks around its assets to help protect these essential pieces of infrastructure during bushfire season.
SITECH WA worked with Water Corporation on an innovative solution to automatically record the exact location of fire breaks being maintained around assets in the Perth metropolitan area.
SITECH WA used a web-based fleet and asset tracking tool, Trimble Technology’s VisionLink, to track the location of tractors. This reported the time and locations tractors were operating, providing details of where fire breaks were installed.
Water Corporation Alliance General Manager, Robert Plummer, said the technology reduced the need to physically inspect assets to record the location of fire breaks.
This technology provides Water Corporation with greater visibility into the work being carried out by its contractors carrying out fire break maintenance. Work hours of tractors are electronically recorded, which streamlines the payment process and allows the spatial fire break data to be added to the Water Corporation’s database quickly.
The information is provided in near real time to via either a Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G connectivity to the VisionLink web based portal.
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