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On the Pilbara coast, VDM in joint venture with NRW Holdings, are currently involved in the construction of a 3.6km breakwater for the Cape Preston Magnetite Mine.
Over 6 million cubic metres of rock are expected to be excavated by completion of the Project and the placement of the core lock in the breakwater is of grave importance in the future of the Port. Given the locality and scope of this project, all work is carefully planned and monitored to ensure completion is of the highest quality in an environmentally sensitive coastal location.
Sitech WA installed the Trimble Grade Control System in several dozers to facilitate the movement of material to form the breakwater as per design specifications.
The machines utilise GPS guidance with the added benefit of constant contact with the site office through wireless communication in real time.  Engineers send designs to the machines and receive production data back so volume calculations can be performed at any time.
Longreach excavators have been involved in final shaping of the batters and placement of differing materials as per design requirements.  With bucket placement often well below the surface of the water, GPS guidance has been crucial to ensure accuracy and efficiency.  A push-button system has been installed for the operator to easily record the position of the bucket’s “as-built” location, enabling engineers to create an accurate model with minimal editing.
Cranes will place “Corelok” precast structure protection on the batters for the preservation against environmental destruction using the Trimble HydroPro software adapted for cranes.  They also rely on the Trimble guidance system to facilitate high design tolerances.  The single point recording system is beneficial to enable quick recording for as built reports that can be performed at any time. The wireless communication system with the site office facilitates quick & painless data transfer so that all tolerances & placement of the armour can be checked & verified quickly.
Sitech have trained Site Engineers in the use of the GCS900 system with wireless communication function to achieve accurate results with high efficiency.  Ongoing support is employed and queries are dealt with rapidly.
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