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Fintan Kelleher, Proprietor of TrackLink WA recently decided to fit his compact track loader with a Trimble GCS900 system to allow him to offer a compact machine control solution to the Western Australian earthmoving market.

Fintan is able to offer the advantages of a Trimble GCS900 Universal Total Station (UTS) solution, coupled with the ability to manoeuvre in tight confined spaces.
After our Field Service Technicians installed the system I visited Fintan at his latest challenge – the intersection upgrade at Marmion and Whitfords Avenues in Perth’s northern suburbs.
Fintan’s compact track loader certainly is small enough to fit in the confined space and passed every test that the client set. Tolerances of +/- 3mm on the subgrade top surface, each section completed in a couple of days and the ability to work around tight corners and in tight spaces all the while surrounded by heavy traffic only scratch the surface of the systems capabilities.

The task set by principal contractor WBHO was to stay on schedule whilst meeting the accuracy and production requirements. The accuracy required was to meet the final trim specifications of + 5mm > -0mm on the top surface. This is normally achieved by a Grader fitted with a GCS900 UTS system, but on this project a Grader is far too big and the lanes far too narrow.

As Fintan and WBHO’s Surveyor told me, “The tolerances achieved by this system are the best we have ever seen on a road project at subgrade level”