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Georgiou is a national building construction, engineering and property development company, delivering major projects across Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Georgiou and SITECH WA, have enjoyed a close and mutually beneficial working relationship for several years.
In late 2014 Georgiou management engaged SITECH WA to work collaboratively on an upcoming Earthworks project north of Perth. Georgiou required a way to better manage site planning and project progress beyond the current manual system, to improve productivity and efficiency of the project and ensure key deadlines were met.
Three main solutions, were proposed that merged seamlessly to meet the needs of Georgiou and provide management with the tools they required to have greater visibility into the project and be in a strong position to react and plan for any project deviations in near real time.
Firstly, Trimble Business Centre was used to evaluate the design of the project and compute a highly efficient corridor mass haul plan. This plan looked at the alignment of the design and determined the most cost effective method to move material based on the types of machines that will be utilised on site.
The Cut and Fill zones determined by Business Centre loaded seamlessly into VisionLink. VisionLink, which is a Trimble package that connects the whole site together integrates site productivity, material quantities, and material movement with asset and fleet management to give you a holistic view of a site so key stakeholders can make the right decision at the right time. Centralising and simplifying the management of on-site operations maximizes efficiency, raises productivity and lowers costs for the businesses entire fleet.
VisionLink telematics devices were fitted to 16 articulated dump trucks, 4 scrapers and 3 excavators. The telematics devices allowed the truck and scraper loads to be automatically measured with relation to the Mass Haul cut zone the material was loaded from and then tracked to the appropriate fill zone.
SITECH WA designed a tracking system that automatically tracked fleet movements and mass haul progress for not only that specific zone, but the project as a whole. VisionLink is designed to be mobile device capable and allows site management and supervisors the ability to see near real time data while out in the field by logging into VisionLink from anywhere.
In addition to the above solution the three operating excavator’s onsite (Cat 385C and 2 Komatsu PC1250’s) were fitted with Trimble’s on board weighing system Loadrite. The Loadrite X2350 system measures the bucket payload in real-time as the excavator operates and allows the operator to ensure each truck is loaded to capacity.
The benefits were immediate and obvious to Georgiou as the type of material loaded meant each truck was consistently being under-loaded. This presented an immediate cost saving initiative that justified SITECH WA’s solution in the very first week by making modifications to each truck that allowed them to operate at optimum capacity.The X2350 systems report measured payload data wirelessly to InsightHQ, a web-based reporting and analysis tool for the payload of each excavator and the site as a whole. From this tool Georgiou management made informed decisions about their mass haul planning, have precise material measurement to support their decision making and movement across site, all in near real time.
It is clear that this is the future for earthmoving as the use of smart solutions coupled with the right technology provided both SITECH WA and Georgiou a WIN-WIN result.
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