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Castle Drilling Company is a Kalgoorlie based drilling contractor. In August this year, they were contracted to conduct an exploration program consisting of 200 holes per day, each at 2.5 metres deep with the aim to better define the ore body.
The problem that Castle Drilling immediately faced was the ability for the onsite Surveyors to stay ahead of the required setout program using existing resources, which is where SITECH WA came in. Using Trimble’s new and innovative DPS900 solution SITECH WA were able to provide Castle Drilling with the ability to avoid the need for setout of each drill hole whilst staying on schedule for each day drill program.
The DPS900 system utilises two rugged Trimble Global Navigation System (GNSS) antennas and receivers plus Trimble’s custom-designed drilling application and Site Tablet to show the driller each hole accurately and then provide them with the ability to use easy to learn navigational aids to position the Drill Collar and String to within +/-50mm. The system then records each holes as-drilled location, the depth of each hole and other relevant information.
In conclusion, Castle Drilling had a drill positioning solution that achieved and exceeded their brief whilst providing their client with the assurance that their future exploration needs could be met at a reasonable cost.