Trimble Bulletins

Please use the tabs below to view details of the Trimble Updates released in November

Platform Updates:

  • Infield Designs
    • New Level, New Slope Feature
    • Horizontal Guidance to an Alignment
    • Extend Segment of Alignment
  • Avoidance Zones
  • Dashboard Update
  • Logo Shortcut – “Tap the Spade”

Dozer Highlights:

  • 2D Dozers
  • Single GNSS Blade Mount Support
  • Komatsu Blade Mount Support
  • MS952 Receiver Support on Dozers
  • .CSV File Import for Measure-Up

Grader Highlights:

  • 2D Motor Graders
  • Single GNSS Blade Mount Support
  • .CSV File Import for Measure-Up

Excavator Highlights:

  • Two piece boom depth automatics support
  • Cat NGH Build 07 VA Boom Support
  • Single Mast (UTS) Measure-Up
  • Third Mast Single UTS Measure-Up
Trimble Business Center has many tools to automate the conversion of 2D data into a 3D constructible model. This release adds to the toolbox powerful new capabilities to elevate 2D lines using parametric rules.
  • Elevation rule
  • Cross-slope rule
  • Cross dZ rule
  • Free Slope rule
  • Free dZ rule
  • Grade rule
  • Breakline rule
  • Transition rule
  • Connector rule
  • Tilt rule
With each release Trimble turns to users for suggestions that will significantly improve their product experience. Some of the more requested improvements added in this release are:
  • Smart Text improvements
  • The Fillet /Chamfer command has been enhanced to support arcs
  • The Change Elevation command can now optionally elevate just the vertices
  • Slope length has been added to linestring properties
  • Isolate multiple layers when multiple objects are selected
The Trimble Business Center Macro Community Forum has new and enhanced commands:

  • Explode Lines  – aids in the conversion of imported cross section linework into 3D lines
  • Track Line Edge – tracks longitudinal feature lines and boundary lines from 3D cross-section linework to establish both length & area quantities.
  • Explode Surface – enhanced to optionally create surface lines between triangles having a change in slope larger than a specified value.
  • Increment Text – creates text object and allows you to automatically increment a numeric value with the text.
  • Slope Slope – creates a line at the slope intersection from two selected lines.

Software Updates:

  • Now includes the option to select the brand new ATI GB108 grader blade
  • OEM Joystick Support
  • Autos speed adjustment for Basic attachments
  • “Out of Laser Range” protection
  • General bug fixes and usability

SPS855 Changes:

  • Field Radio – the status screen on the front panel of the SPS855 now indicates the radio link quality (%) when in Repeater mode.
  • Bluetooth connectivity between the TSC3 and the SPS855 has been improved to resolve: “unable to complete SPS855 Base configuration using TSC3”
  • Add expanded CSIB support. Geoid subgrid files of up to 128K can be integrated into the coordinate system (CSIB) file using the Configuration ToolBox Application.

SPS986 with Trimble ProPoint GNSS Technology:
ProPoint allows users to measure points more quickly and with greater accuracy in certain challenging GNSS environments. Flexible signal management enables the use of all available GNSS constellations and signals, resulting in higher satellite availability.