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Prepare for the Future of Your Kinetic Mesh Network with BC|Enterprise

BC|Enterprise delivers strategic data on historical network performance and automatic alets with live updates to complement the real-time, tactical mesh network view available from Rajant’s BC|Commander.

BC|Enterprise allows you to view network conditions showing what has transpired on your kinetic Mesh network. To maximise ease of use and provide relevant information to network managers, data is visualised through a number of customisable dashboards. These dashboards allow you to obtain graphs that illustrate virtually any aspect of your mesh network for any chosen time period – now, a few minutes ago, last week, or a few months ago.

To proactively identify and diagnose potential problems, you can configure BC|Enterprise to automatically notify you of anomalous conditions within your Kinetic Mesh network. In addition to email, you can receive alerts via text message by using an email-to-SMS service available from your mobile provider or by using a third-party text messaging service. You can also configure BCE to send alerts via an API to a business chat-network. Plus BC|Enterprise provides screens for displaying and reporting alerts.

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