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A maintained machine is more efficient and profitable.

Using Aramine original spare parts and components will assure the most efficient working conditions.

The SMART PARTS™ method in 5 steps

1. Understanding your spare parts and components needs

2. Realizing a precise study to meet your need with different solutions

3. Finalizing our commitment with references, quotations and lead time

4. Preparation and double control of your order by our ARALOG logistics department

5. Delivery of your order at your place of use

Mining Accessories

Through more than 40 years of experience in the underground mining industry, we have one of the largest range of spare parts for underground mining equipment in the world. Stocking and supplying spare parts and components suitable for various types of drill rigs, loaders and utility equipment for underground mining.

Spare Parts

Full range of component services: new, standard exchange & remanufacture, expertise and repair. For any kind of components: engines, converters, transmissions, differentials, brakes, rig drill… Of any brand Dana, Kessler, Hurth, Axletech Rockwell, CNH Ford, Funk Deere, Deutz…

Full Component Services

We provide a wide range of mining accessories: cap lamps, aluminium scaling bars, fire systems, hydraulics hose and protection, exhaust accessories (purifier, silencer), crimping machine, bucket blades, mining belts, and bags Etc…

Re-manufactured Components

3 solutions fitting to your needs:

  • Supply of remanufactured components
  • Remanufacture of your own components
  • Standard exchange of your component

Remanufactured and standard exchange components offer to our customers an OEM alternative to purchasing spare parts in as-new conditions without compromising quality and reliability.

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