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The miniDumperT500 is a simple and reliable Dumptruck for underground mining works in narrow vein application.
Based on the power frame and components of the L150D, the T500D miniDumper will easily allow you to increase productivity without the need for special skills and keep control of parts inventory and rationalization.

With its four-wheel drive, heavy-duty articulated frame and oscillating axle, the T500D will smoothy carry your load in toughest road condition and a short turning radius of underground narrow vein mines.
Indeed, this dump truck is capable to carry three times the capacity of the L130D/E miniLoader at the highest speed.

This result in a simple mission: increasing productivity by 4 times on a 700 meters tramming distance.
No doubt, the perfect complement of the L130/L150 miniLoader range is here, and will allow Narrow Vein Mining to reach another step of mechanization.

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