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Automatic, Real-Time Vehicle Location and Status

TrimFleet exclusive ELD compliant auto-status solutions automate vehicle real-time location and status information to show dispatchers every stage of the delivery cycle, from job site departure to pour end.

Ready mix customers depend on getting the materials they need exactly when they need it. Without accurate real-time data of vehicle location, stage in the delivery cycle it is difficult for fleet managers, dispatchers and drivers to improve efficiency and effectively manage supply and demand.

Features & Benefits

Location Tracking

Navigation and routing, product quality and fuel tracking. Driver-safety monitoring and reporting. With DriverID, TrimView users can see when a vehicle is “in service” or when a driver is on/off break.


Add custom event points to your delivery cycle that can alert the driver via text or text-to-voice communications and/or just alert the back office system in order to streamline operations or increase safety.

Delivery Cycle Tracking

Automated delivery cycle tracking, including:

  • Arrive and depart ready mix plant
  • Aggregate quarries and job sites
  • Loading, pouring and unloading
  • Water added
  • Washing statuses

Reporting these key data points with an automated system highlights time spent working versus unproductive time to better manage your fleet and drive efficiency.

TrimFleet Communicator VOIP Comms

Provides integrated push-to-talk voice communication between dispatch, drivers, operations and workshop. Everyone in the organization can utilize TrimFleet Communicator. Uniting the best of cellular and legacy radio communications, TrimFleet Communicator offers talk groups, point-to-point calls, driver presence information and voice activity logs.

Integrated Electronic Logging Device

Integrated Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Hours of Service (HoS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR).

Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance

V-Sight monitors key data parameters such as emissions, fuel, air, speed and engine temperatures.

V-Sight gathers this data and makes it accessible within TrimView™, providing remote access to the data and making it possible for technicians to diagnose maintenance issues without physically working on the vehicle or going out into the field.

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