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Marine Inertial Positioning System

The Trimble Marine Inertial Positioning System delivers precise 3D position, attitude, and GNSS aided azimuth. It includes a dual antenna GNSS system, a calibrated electromechanical IMU sensor (MEMS) integrated with an Inertial Navigation System (INS) that uses the Applanix engine.


Suitable for marine contractors who are constructing ports, seawalls or waterways with large dredging, placement or piling machines the system provides reliable position and orientation data. In port and waterway construction, the Trimble Marine Inertial Positioning System ensure precise data can be integrated with sonar data to give accurate depths. This helps where the operator needs precise underwater mapping before they move the machine away. Or where the operator has a survey vessel to undertake the progress and ‘as built’ tasks.

For floating plant, the system provides real-time position and orientation for research, construction or safety reasons. Marine operations can make use of the heave data to compensate for the effect of swell on vertical positioning accuracy.


  • Tightly coupled Trimble dual antenna GNSS receiver with IMU sensor in one housing provides a robust positioning solution with less cabling
  • Delivers position and attitude even when used in compromising marine situations such as a congested port.
  • Higher performance than a dual GNSS antenna receiver cabled to a third party IMU (Pitch Roll Heave) sensor.
  • Deliver dead reckoning data during limited satellite coverage to maintain productivity
  • Suitable for new or retrofit installations
  • Provides legacy NMEA-type messages as real-time data outputs including heave, for existing marine software to use

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