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Navigate your way to easy and efficient exploration activities

The Trimble GuidEx system is an advanced navigation solution to streamline the operation of mining exploration equipment such as excavators, graders, drill rigs, bulldozers, etc. Designed to meet the needs of the mining exploration industry, the system improves productivity with easy, efficient, task specific navigation.

GuidEx offers extensive customizable map layer support to provide a realistic view of the project area.  Route, point, and pad navigation is provided from user supplied shape and/or ASCII files. Exclusion (and inclusion) zones, such as culturally or environmentally sensitive areas, defined in the Trimble office software, enable users to quickly navigate to work areas while avoiding hazards. Alarms to alert operators of exclusions zones minimize the risk of liability and comprehensive logs are automatically recorded for a complete field to office workflow.

The Trimble GuidEx field system supports aerial imagery and digital elevation models in a wide variety of formats to provide a clear picture of the driver’s surroundings, thereby reducing liability and increasing employee safety.  Proximity and zone breach alarms are issued both visually and audibly. Using data from the inertial measuring unit, warnings can be set for vehicle pitch and roll allowances. Integrated windows displaying live feeds from video cameras provide the operator with clear images of vehicle blind spots.

Greatly reducing the need for ground surveys and stakeout, Trimble GuidEx can significantly decrease project times and costs, all while increasing employee safety and minimizing environmental damage. Trimble GuidEx offers a complete, high accuracy, and intuitive surveying workflow for your clearing, drilling, and stakeless operations.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced machine positioning and guidance to support stakeless mining exploration operations
  • Customizable Task Operations, Comprehensive Logging and Activity Tracking
  • Zone Proximity and Breach Alerts
  • Clear display of project area for easy and efficient navigation
  • Integrated with office software to enable precise stakeless operations
  • Streamlined workflow increases productivity and reduces project cost
  • High accuracy satellite delivered positioning corrections, allowing use anywhere in Australia
  • Easy user installation process; can be used on any machine and easily transferred to another

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