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Trimble GCSFlex offers contractors a reliable, flexible and affordable option to leverage machine control technology and be more competitive. The Trimble GCSFlex Grade Control System for excavators is designed to meet the needs and budgets of owner operators and small to mid-sized contractors.

The Trimble® GCSFlex™ Grade Control System provides real-time guidance to you in the cab, so you can excavate to the desired depth, slope, or alignment faster and more accurately. Plus with GCSFlex, there’s very little prep work before the job and very little grade checking after. You’ll just dig better and more quickly. When you eliminate grade stakes, string line, and rework, just imagine how much more profitable you’ll be.

Easy Installation

Install the system in a couple of hours and get up and running quickly. No welding required

Rugged and Reliable

Designed for use in the harsh construction site environment for increased reliability and maximum up-time

Low Cost of Entry

Get into machine grade at a very affordable price

Flexibility to Expand

Invest in additional sensors for increased system capabilities as your needs change

Color Graphical Display

Simple to use, featuring a full-color graphical display with large icons and menu options for easy viewing and guidance to grade

In-field Designs

Create alignment and add a profile to create a simplified 3D design in the field using on-screen templates. You get 3D guidance without needing to build a 3D design model


Think you might want to work with 3D designs and Trimble Connected Machine technology in the future? No problem… GCSFlex is now fully up-gradeable to the Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System. And there’s no loss of investment.


Designed for small to mid-sized excavators, the Trimble GCSFlex Grade Control System can be used for a broad range of work including:

  • Trenching for underground utilities and pipelines
  • Digging footers and basements
  • Site prep on residential, commercial and industrial jobsites
  • Building roads
  • Mass excavation


GPS Guidance with Wi-Fi Base: GPS guidance provides position and heading using an MS972 GNSS Smart Antenna and SNM941 Connected Site Gateway. GPS corrections are delivered via Wi-Fi from a SPS986 base station.

GPS Guidance with Remote Corrections: GPS guidance provides position and heading using an MS972 GNSS Smart Antenna and satellite delivered GPS corrections. The SNM941 Connected Site® Gateway receives GPS corrections via cellular connection with a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) network or Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS).

Laser Reference with Heading: With the Laser Reference and HS410 Heading Sensor configuration, the excavator can be rotated without the need to re-enter the desired depth and slope to maintain consistent accuracy.

Laser Reference: A rotating grade laser such as the Spectra Precision GL700 series from Trimble provides a reference plane across the jobsite.

Bench Reference: Simply enter the desired depth and slope information into the in-cab control box. The system will provide guidance to a depth or slope based on distance from a known point or “bench” on the ground.

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