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SNM451 Connected Site Gateway

Fleet manager, rest assured. The rugged SNM451 will give you all the location, run time and utilization information you need to allocate and remotely monitor the productivity of your light assets, site trucks and haul vehicles at an affordable price point.

Features & Benefits

The rugged and affordable SNM451 Connected Site Gateway communicates location, utilization, cycle times, and productivity of site assets such as smaller machines, site vehicles and haul trucks.

Project owners, fleet managers and equipment rental companies can now get the critical information they need to more effectively allocate resources and improve the productivity of their mixed fleet.


  • See where your equipment is, bill it to the correct project, and locate it for pickup, maintenance or refuelling.
  • Monitor machine hours to manage equipment maintenance and decrease equipment depreciation costs.
  • Minimize idle time to help with fuel economy, and identify equipment that would be better utilized on other sites.
  • Reduce owning and operating costs with visibility to estimated fuel usage.
  • Compare runtime hours, and working versus idle time to improve equipment utilization and increase productivity.
  • Monitor cycle times and load counts to track actuals against targets, and monitor job site productivity.
  • Track load counts using proximity to ensure correct material movement, and use structural and non-structural materials in the correct site location.

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