Notice for Rajant BC Commander Customers

On July 11, 2016, MapQuest discontinued access to map tiles without warning. This is the service that BC|Commander's Topology View uses to display its background maps and to download offline tile sets. As of July 11, instead of seeing map tiles, users are presented with images containing an error message from MapQuest.
Many of you use the map view on a regular basis and we want you to know that Rajant engineers are working on alternative solutions. We don't know yet what the solution will be but we will be sure to inform you as soon those determinations are made. In the interim, please refer to the BC-Commander User Guide Sections 6.4 and 6.5 concerning offline tile sets and customising topology views for additional configuration options.
You can find this user guide here

LOADRITE updates

haul truckWOW! Look at all these releases from Trimble... and these are just the LOADRITE products. We couldn't wait for the next newsletter, we wanted to get these out to you today!

  • X2350-3D & L2180 Firmware Updates
  • C2820 Conveyor Belt Scales Integrator
  • H2250 Monitor for Haul Trucks
  • Insight HQ - Quarry Management Portal Update

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Insight HQ Update

insight hq quarryWhats new in this update:

  • Productive Time Tracking (7 new reports)
    • Loading and haul truck productivity and delay reports shows delay events across the whole site over any time period.
    • Conveyor downtime reports track downtime reasons and length across the plant.
  • Equipment Locations (2 new reports)
    • Loading heat map illustrating loading location over the course of the day
    • Location report illustrates last known location of any indicator.
  • Improved data accuracy and control (1 new report)
    • Detailed Loading Performance report shows key performance indicators across loads, returns, load time and load weight.
    • Filtering on DIY reports gives improved control and customisation for DIY reports.
    • Product reports now use direction to determine whether a product is increasing or decreasing.
    • Data list sync improvements for 2 way data list sync between Indicator and InsightHQ
  • Reporting for Trimble LOADRITE H2250 haul truck monitor
    • Repots on productivity, cycle time, speeding, haul truck operations and material movement.