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Georgiou has delivered the $50 million Scarborough Beach Redevelopment, providing a new Scarborough Beach foreshore and new attractions for families and visitors to enjoy.

The scope of works for the redevelopment included demolition, service and drainage installation, pavement construction, soft and hard landscaping works, carpark reconfiguration, construction of a new Surf Club and a number of other buildings.

SITECH WA are proud to note that Georgiou used Trimble gear exclusively on the project from Trimble Business Centre through to Machine Control.

Georgiou Surveyor Iain Cavill said “Scarborough Redevelopment was a large multidisciplinary project that required a lot of planning and data management. We utilised Trimble Business Centre-HCE for calculating earthwork, pavement and landscaping material quantities. In addition we were able to manage the whole project data in one master TBC project and send current data to surveyors, supervisors and machines as required. One of the most memorable experiences was receiving some revised tree locations, and being able to send this data into an excavator to position the trees for planting only within minutes of receiving the information”.

The team at SITECH WA would like to congratulate Georgiou on the delivery of this huge local project.

“The Project team were very proud to be part of the redevelopment, and hope that people get much enjoyment out of the area for years to come” – Iain Cavill, Georgiou Surveyor.